HELLO and welcome to my website. Please browse to find information on homeopathy, my practice and what to expect at a consultation.


I’ve been in practice since 2008, being drawn to homeopathy after exploring various natural and alternative approaches to health and wellbeing. For me its 200 year history of successful treatments, brilliant understanding of health and disease and long-used remedies which are safe and non-toxic help it to stand out as one of the great holistic systems of medicine.





I have clinics in Glastonbury and Bristol and am also available for Skype sessions.









Steve Ashmore







My approach is grounded but subtle and empathic. I use the latest homeopathic software to analyse cases and since finishing my four year practitioner course have studied an additional two year course with the Greek master homeopath George Vithoulkas.


As well as ongoing homeopathic study, my continuing professional development includes a longstanding vipassana meditation practice and psychotherapy.